McCartney Jacket! April 08 2015

I've been meaning to blog about the McCartney Jacket by Shwin Designs which I sewed up last week - time has been elusive! Anyways, I bought this pattern a few weeks ago, but wasn't 100% sure what fabric I wanted to go with. I ended up at a fabric store in town and came across a couple of super cheap fabrics that I liked - a navy blue woven with...

Sewing with Knits March 22 2014

A lot of people, even experienced sewers, can be hesitant about sewing with knits, but there really isn't much reason to be! I find knits so forgiving, where sewing with wovens isn't so much, and contrary to popular belief, you don't need an overlocker (serger).  What I particularly love about knits, is the huge number of wearable things you can make with it. Sure, with wovens, you can make skirts, pants,...

Autumn PJs! March 11 2014

With the overnight temperatures dropping pretty quickly here in Hamilton, I've had to get the sewing machine out (as if it's a chore! I love it!) and whip up my boys some new jersey knit PJs. Now, I'm all for stash busting and getting the most out of the fabrics I have, especially my precious Lillestoff! I had less than a half metre left of my Jack Frog & Friends...

Welcome to our new store! February 17 2014

We launched our New Zealand store in February 2014, over the coming months we will add a greater variety of exclusive European jersey knit fabrics as well as imported fabrics, patterns and accessories we think you might like.      
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