Autumn PJs! March 11 2014

With the overnight temperatures dropping pretty quickly here in Hamilton, I've had to get the sewing machine out (as if it's a chore! I love it!) and whip up my boys some new jersey knit PJs. Now, I'm all for stash busting and getting the most out of the fabrics I have, especially my precious Lillestoff!
I had less than a half metre left of my Jack Frog & Friends fabric in my personal stash (there's still some left in the store, so head there if you're wanting some - it's one of my favs!), and one of my boys has been asking for Frogs jammies for weeks, so he got a pair!
I use the Titchy Threads 'Fancy Pants Leggings' pattern for the bottoms, and I find it perfect. My boys are tall almost-4-year olds, so I made them the size 5 leggings, but made the waistband about 1.5" shorter than the pattern. I prefer the leggings pattern as it means that the legs don't ride up when they're squirming overnight!
For the top, I used the Recess Raglan Tee by See Kate Sew. I love using contrasting fabrics for the arms and/or back. For the tops, I used the size 4 pattern, but with the size 5 length. After sewing them up (and not hemming), I measured them up against the boys, and it was too long, so make things easier, I just chopped about 2" off the bottom, turned that into a cuff for the bottom. It worked perfectly, and my boy is pretty stoked with his new Frogs jammies!
And because my other son needed some new ones as well, he got some Monsters ones :-) Not Lillestoff, but super cute as well!
And just in case you haven't seen the Lillestoff Ninja jammies I made for them (using the same patterns) which were posted on the Kypo Fabrics Facebook page, here those are!
I used less than a half-metre of our buttery-soft fabrics to make each pair of  size 4-5 PJs. I just match them with some plain jersey knits I've picked up at Spotlight, and I have a pair of reasonably-priced, custom-fitted, unique and super-awesome PJs!